Your 2018 Winter Safety Checklist.

It’s that time of the year again: single-digit temperatures, early sunset, extra rain (and maybe even some snow!). Add to that the additional festive evening activities, and you’re likely leaving your home in the dark much more often than usual.

Winter is unfortunately a prime season for burglars, who are known opportunists when it comes to an easily concealable break-in. Other hazards, such as increased indoor heating mixed with drying Christmas trees, can also spell danger. With that in mind, we’ve put together a Winter Safety Checklist. Consider it the Winter Securing to your Spring Cleaning!

  • Lock It

Home door keysSure, you always lock your front door, but are you positive that all of your windows are secured? As summer turns to fall, sometimes we forget to lock a window we’d kept open to let in the fresh air. Try to make an annual habit of going through each room in your house and checking that everything is locked. Additionally, check all window and door locks to make sure that they’re still working properly. Don’t wait to update: Winter is definitely the time to replace hardware security if needed.

  • Test It

Windows and doors good to go? Great, now let’s take a look inside. With the added use of heaters, ovens, and fireplaces, risks of fire and carbon monoxide exposure increase. Check that your fire and carbon monoxide alarms both have batteries and are working properly. Unfortunately, carbon monoxide detectors can sometimes be overlooked, but they’re just as important as fire alarms. They’re relatively inexpensive and can detect potentially deadly gases that fire alarms ignore, so if you don’t already have one, take a trip to your local homeware store.

Love the look of a nicely decorated Christmas tree in the front window? Unfortunately, so do burglars. Many potential intruders love that visible pile of presents under your tree, which likely contain brand new, boxed electronics and appliances, and we all know that those smaller boxes probably have some jewelry inside. They can easily break through your front window, grab everything, and be out within minutes. To avoid such a potentially devastating situation, think about moving your tree somewhere less publicly visible.

  • Watch It

Still on the fence about getting a monitored alarm? Of all seasons, winter is the prime time to get one. As we mentioned earlier, burglars love the darker months, which means we’re all more at risk of becoming targets. And as we mentioned before, piles of presents only add icing to a burglar’s cake. Protect your holiday season by making sure that your home is being monitored 24/7 by an NSI-Certified specialist. Verisure have a suite of advanced security technology, and our priority installation means that you can easily have your home protected almost immediately.┬áThis season, you and you loved ones deserve the gift of safety.

  • Trim It

Before trimming your tree, check your home exterior. Overgrown shrubs are the perfect hiding place for burglars, and if your garden is overgrown in general, your property may appear vacant to those paying attention. Trim back any shrubbery or hedging, and give that lawnmower one last go before the frost sets in. While you’re out there, make sure you check your outdoor lights and replace any bulbs if necessary. No lights in your front yard? You know what we’ll tell you to do…