What attitude to adopt if one comes face to face with a burglar? How to react to avoid a physical altercation or additional damage? Here are some tips on what to do in case of burglary.

Approaching Christmas, you could be surprised in front of a burglar stealing your Christmas Gifts! Especially since they are using new methods to enter to your home.

The basic rule, valid in all circumstances, is to strive to keep calm and not to panic. You do not know who your burglar is and what his motives are. Some thieves are professionals who try to avoid confrontation but it is possible to find a violent person. Your own safety and that of your loved ones must remain your number one priority.

Burglar appears in front of you

Stay discreet and do not panic

The scenario that everyone has ever thought of at least once is that of strange noises at the other end of the apartment or house while the house is asleep. Start by breathing calmly and concentrate to discern, if you are exposed to such a situation. Whether it is a noise coming from inside your home, and try to check if it can not be act of a normal phenomenon: pet, waking child, electronic device, etc.

If you are certain that sounds are signalling an intrusion into your home, your goal now is to avoid direct confrontation with burglars. Depending on the configuration of your home, it is better to leave your home by taking your children or loved ones with you.

In this case, wake up as discreetly as possible and leave the premises, making sure you do not cross the path of the intruders. As soon as you think you are safe, notify law enforcement by dialling 17 and give them an accurate and factual summary of the situation.

Hide or lock yourself

If you can not go out quietly, try to reunite your loved ones and lock yourself in a room away from the centre of the house or apartment, a room for example, that you can lock. Once locked and hidden from view, make the least noise possible but try to give the alarm by phone. You need to remember that burglars most often want your material possessions. Also, they will not necessarily seek to force access to the room where you are locked if they have the prospect of finding their booty elsewhere.

Trigger the SOS button

An alarm with remote monitoring is a valuable ally in this kind of situation: with the remote control or the Verisure alarm centre, you have an SOS function that allows you to silently send an alert to the central station. . From there, an operator is responsible for conducting remote checks.

He is able to directly request the intervention of the police as soon as he can confirm the reality of an intrusion. The verification is done for example by interacting with you by means of the intercom or by viewing the images captured by the motion detectors of the installation.

And then ? Wait for the burglars to go out of your hiding place. Again, keep calm and be careful not to clean any traces left by the thief. Reassure your loved ones and get them surrounded: Attending a burglary at home is a traumatic experience.

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