7 Reasons Your Home Needs A Monitored Alarm.

We all do it. Every so often, we forget to lock a back window before leaving, or worse, the front door. The occasional mistake may not be life-altering, but imagine doing it every day, and you can see why it’s not the best idea.

Some homeowners, however, refuse to believe that a burglar will ever go near their neighborhood. They’ve lived there for years and never heard of anything crime-related occurring around them, but that doesn’t mean something can’t happen in the future.

And even if you lock your doors, it doesn’t mean you’re safe from intruders or other various household dangers.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of seven reasons to fit your property with a monitored alarm system.

1. Intruders

The first is the most obvious: a monitored alarm will protect your home against anyone who is not authorised to be there. The right system will offer a range of options for catching an intruder, including cameras, shock sensors, and even fog canisters to hinder their movement inside. Most importantly, though, is an alarm which is directly connected to a receiving centre, with security experts monitoring your property 24/7.

2. Health Emergencies

panic buttonA quality monitored alarm system doesn’t just ring a loud bell when it’s triggered. It also includes an SOS button that connects to a live operator when pressed. This can be crucial during a health emergency, when mobile or landline phones may not be within reach, or if you or your loved one is having trouble speaking.

3. Homeowners Insurance

Some insurance companies offer discounts if you can show that your property is being monitored by an alarm system. Check whether your current insurance plan offers this, and if it doesn’t, it may be time to price compare with other companies.


4. 24/7 Monitoring

No matter what may happen, you will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your property is always directly connected to an alarm receiving centre. Just make sure that it’s manned 24 hours a day, and has NSI Gold Certification. The latter will be your quality assurance marker.

5. Diversion

Burglars are opportunists. If a potential intruder sees a security sign outside your home, he or she is generally less likely to attempt breaking in. However, simply buying a £10 sign isn’t necessarily enough, and some burglars have reported that signs don’t always deter them. That’s why you need to back up that sign with an actual alarm. You don’t want to be all bark and no bite, which leads us to…

6. Pets

Most heat-detecting and shock alarms are extremely sensitive (trust us, you want them to be). Unfortunately, that means that your four-legged friends will probably trigger your alarm at some point. This isn’t a problem if your alarm is monitored by a specialist who will be able to rapidly assess the situation and determine that the supposed intruder was just trying to find his chew toy. On the other hand, if you have a simple bell system, you can imagine how annoyed your neighbors will be.

7. Community Security

We all want to do good in our community. We recycle, volunteer at shelters, and donate to charities, but we tend to forget that there are some passive ways to help make our world a better place, too. This includes having a monitored alarm system, and recommending one to your friends and family. You may think it’s a small drop in an ocean, but this kind of thing adds up. The more monitored alarms out there, the more difficult it is for criminals to target victims. Remember, they’re opportunists. If stealing gets too hard, they’re more likely to stop bothering.

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