Bridging the Gap: Verisure Technician Earns Royal Society Hauksbee Award


In the dynamic realm of technology and security, we often find unsung heroes quietly shaping the future. Today, we’re thrilled to shine a spotlight on our unsung hero and field technician—Silvi Kalfa, a valued member of Verisure. Silvi has recently been awarded the prestigious Royal Society Hauksbee Award in recognition of her outstanding commitment to the Technicians Gallery at the Science Museum.


The Technicians: We Make the Difference exhibition at the Science Museum was created to inspire the next generation of young adults to move into technical roles and combat the critical skills shortage the industry faces. Silvi, along with technicians from a range of industries, played an instrumental role in showcasing the important role technicians play in society. This culminated in this well-deserved honour from the world’s oldest scientific academy.


Silvi’s contribution not only reflects her personal dedication but also underscores the collective effort to put technician careers in the spotlight. Silvi took the opportunity to highlight her achievements and sources of inspiration at Verisure, as well as expressing her pride in safeguarding individuals as an integral aspect of her job. For those that didn’t have the opportunity to see the exhibition at the Science Museum, you can find her interview here.


We extend our deepest gratitude to Silvi for her remarkable contribution to the collective endeavour of inspiring the next generation and addressing the skills shortage. Her dedication has not only earned her a well-deserved award but has also illuminated the path for others to follow.