Customer story: Ahmed Muhammad (mobile phone shop owner)

Mobile phone shop owner, Ahmed Muhammad had felt a little uneasy about the risk of shoplifting in the local area in which his business operated for several months before his Verisure alarm was installed. A fellow shop owner and friend told him how pleased he was with the responsiveness of the Verisure sales team during the installation of his own alarm, and how the alarm has served to completely protect his premises, so he decided to invest in a system of his own.

“When you sell high value products, your business is naturally a high risk target for shoplifters.”

Mr Muhammed’s initial security survey and installation of his system were completed within a matter of days following his first phone call to Verisure. Being that his staff would be regularly using the alarm system, the on-site system training was a valuable hour spent with his team. Due to the nature of his business, surveillance cameras were essential due to the need to identify thieves should a crime be committed on-site. Cameras were required to cover every area of the shop where high value goods were displayed.

“The cameras were installed so that they cover every blind spot around the shop. A security system is a powerful deterrent, but if a criminal isn’t scared off then you need as much information as possible to help catch them.”

Having 24 hour alarm access via the Verisure App was one of the biggest attractions of the Verisure alarm system for Mr Muhammad. Seeing exactly when the alarm is activated and deactivated remotely allows him to be in control of his security system even when he isn’t on the premises and even helps him monitor the movement of his staff. An emergency panic button is placed in an accessible location should any staff member need to activate the alarm in an emergency situation, or should they feel endangered by an intruder.

Windows and doors have sensors installed and should the system activate due to an intrusion, a signal immediately informs the Verisure Alarm Receiving Centre.

“The Verisure Alarm Response Centre screens any false alarms, so that the Police are only ever notified of an urgent situation.”

Monitored around the clock, Mr Muhammad knows he will be alerted to any problem on his premises within seconds, with the added benefit of alarm screening by the Alarm Response Centre which would prevent a black listing by Police should too many false alarms occur within a set time frame.

The addition of Verisure’s highly visible warning signs around the shop now actively make shoplifters aware that they are being monitored at all times.