Real Case: Verisure Helped This Family Protect Their Home.

Real Case: Verisure Helped This Couple Protect Their Home - Verisure Smart Alarms

Jake* and his wife Emma* knew they needed to protect their home, and fast. They’d just been burgled, and they knew first-hand what it was like to have their personal space exposed and exploited. They felt vulnerable.

A monitored alarm system was a must. After researching and comparing their options, they decided that Verisure was the best fit for their needs. Their bespoke system was installed within days, and Jake and Emma immediately began feeling better.

That was until they got a call from Verisure’s Alarm Receiving Centre during a trip abroad.

Natalie* had just been alerted to a trigger from their garage door shock sensor, and as a trained specialist, she sensed immediately that this could be a break-in. After calling the house control panel and hearing nothing in the background, she contacted Jake. With his permission, she attempted to gather images from his nearest Photo Detector. When these failed to show, both Natalie and Jake suspected tampering had occurred.

Natalie immediately triggered Jake’s ZeroVision fog device and informed the police of the potential break-in. When Jake and Emma returned from their holiday, they confirmed with Verisure that intruders had broken into the garage, but were unable to enter the house. Jake credits Verisure and its quality alarm suite for keeping them out.

Jake and Emma were so happy with Verisure that they volunteered to come to its head offices in London to provide a video testimonial and meet with Natalie to thank her in person.

Everyone at Verisure is so proud of Natalie’s great work, and we’re glad that we were able to help this lovely couple stay safe in their beloved home!

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*Names have been changed to protect privacy