The results of our Mythical Guard Creature Contest

Mythical guard creature contest

Over the past week we ran a competition for you to win a FakeTV security light. All you had to do was answer which mythical creature you’d prefer to guard your home.

First of all, congratulations to our winner Kim Plant who chose the Phoenix due to its incredible ability to be reborn from its own ashes. Your FakeTV security light is on its way to you as you read this! We hope it does the trick to keep those intruders at bay.

Now onto the all important results of our poll. Which mythical creature did most people choose and what reasons did they give? Well, we can tell you it was a very close race! Here are the results.

4th place – Cerberus

We were pretty shocked to see Cerberus come in last place with only 15% of the vote. After all, dogs have been the choice of beast to guard our homes and families for thousands of years.

In Greek mythology Cerberus the ‘Hound of Hades’ is a monstrous three-headed dog with snakes for tails that guards the gates of the Underworld, preventing the dead from leaving and returning back to life.

One entrant, Doug, pointed out (quite sensibly) that as it already guards the Underworld it’s probably going to do a pretty good job at simply guarding a family home! Another reason, given by entrant Marc was simply “Cerberus is pure lush”. Not the word we’d use, Marc, but each to their own!

3rd place – Griffin

The Griffin is a majestic beast with the body, tail, and back legs of a lion and the head, wings and razor sharp talons of an eagle. In Greek mythology it’s widely regarded to be the king of all beasts and is known for guarding treasure and priceless possessions.

Sounds like a pretty good candidate for a guard creature, right? Well, receiving just 24% of the vote, it seems the general British public don’t agree!

Those that did select the Griffin as their guard of choice commented that they’d relish the chance to fly after burglars on the beast’s back. Sarah commented simply “Griffin is a “badass mofo” – Sarah, we’re inclined to agree!

2nd place – Minotaur

With the head of a bull and the body of a particularly buff man, the ferocious Minotaur was so feared that instead of trying to kill it, King Minos of Crete ordered the construction of an elaborate labyrinth to imprison the beast for eternity.

Coming in a close second with 28% of the vote, we can see why the Minotaur is a popular choice. Some good reasons were given, with entrant Nick giving the reason that it’s “scary as hell and ridiculously quick and strong.”

Other reasons given were not so convincing… Cherry decided to choose him because she played him once in a school play. Cherry, you must have been a very muscular little girl! Meanwhile, Martin commented rather impertinently “If a Minotaur can’t protect my home then what chance does that light have?”. Fair play, Martin… Fair play.

WINNER – Phoenix

This brings us to the winner – the mighty Phoenix! With 33% of the vote, this majestic fiery bird has existed in myth throughout several ancient cultures, from the ancient Egyptians to the Roman Empire.

Said to live up to 1,200 years, when the bird dies it explodes in a ferocious inferno, but is then born again from the ashes of its predecessor. This was of course the main reason that people gave for choosing the creature as a guard.

However… we’re not so sure this is the best choice. Okay, it’ll come back to life if it gets killed, but only after its burnt you entire house down! Seems to defeat the point of having a guard creature – just saying!

We hope you enjoyed this contest and keep a lookout on the Verisure blog and on our Facebook and Twitter pages for more. And if you want real protection for your home, check out our intelligent smart alarm systems.