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To help you fight against burglars, we have a report of several techniques that burglars use to rob you

Burglars: They pretend to be chimney sweepers, roofers, electricians, plumbers, electricity agents, police, or security guards to enter your home during the day.

Their favourite targets: The elderly, especially those who live alone and, more generally, the vulnerable.

How they work: Some well-organised thieves announce their visits via a display in the building, to legitimise their presence and reassure the target. They come (often in twos) and announce their pretext to enter (sweeping ducts, checking heating systems, etc.). They spot at a glance your valuables, then divert your attention (asking for a glass of water for example) to steal them.

How to protect yourself: Open your door only to someone who has proven their identity with a professional card, or someone whom you have expected to arrive – perhaps a plumbing appointment. When in doubt, it is better to miss the plumber’s appointment than to allow a criminal to enter! If you receive an appointment request or posting in the building, check its authenticity with the organisation who announces it.

1. Following you on social media

In a previous article, we have seen how burglars use social networks, but what are their real targets? And how to protect yourself from these more and more personalised attacks?

Burglars: All burglars are clever! They create Instagram accounts, or accounts on Facebook and Twitter, to be able to track you through social networks and see if you are on vacation. Or they wait outside of your home to be able to break in when you are not at home! They have an eye on your internet activity. They are in the sights of the police, particularly in the United Kingdom.

Their favourite targets: Isolated houses in rural areas, as well as second homes, which are often robbed several times a few months apart.

How they work: Like those who commit fraud, individuals go “scouting” their victims under false pretexts and try to obtain a maximum of information – your family, your valuable property, and your deterrents (watchdogs, surveillance cameras or alarms, etc). These “notes” are then transmitted to the gang, which organises the burglary according to the hours of presence of the occupants.

How to protect yourself: As with fraud, beware of people who come to your home without a previous appointment and without presenting proof of identity or a professional card.

2. Open Your Garage Door or Your Windows With a Single Piece of Wire

Windows are a very easy target for a burglar, especially the windows on the ground floor. In summer, it is so easy to leave a window open by accident … No difficulty for a thief in this case to get inside!

In addition, burglars can also use flat-head screwdrivers to lift windows.

Be aware that double glazed windows are much more resistant. You can also place metal bars in front of your windows to prevent the perpetrators from reaching them. If you leave your home for a while, close the shutters carefully. Electric shutters are also a good weapon against theft.

A garage attached to the house is a jackpot for burglars. Indeed, a garage door is often very easy to override, and then there is more to move around the house freely.

How do thieves force a garage door? They use a simple hanger, which they unfold entirely, and they use the hook to pull the latch that holds the manual opening mechanism of the garage door.

3. Door Locks – Anything from a Hair Pin to an Electric Toothbrush

There are four major burglary techniques that burglars do not fail to implement when they realise that the home is not protected. These schemes focus on an intrusion through the front door. The “manhole” technique, for example, is for the thief to hit the lower part of the door with a violent kick or with the aid of a crowbar.

This technique will not take more than ten minutes for an experienced thief. Once the cylinder is torn off or destroyed, it will be enough for the thug to insert an object in the lock to open the door. Using a crowbar, the burglar can also simply blow the hinges of a door. The last technique is to insert a powerful object, between the door and its frame. After enough pressure, the door lock points will eventually pop out, allowing the thief to enter your home safely.

So, how you can keep burglars out of your home?

Leaving a light on doesn’t fool burglars. Here’s some tips from Verisure about how you can keep your home safer.

  • Gardening

If you live on the ground floor or in a garden flat, take care of your lawn to show the burglars that you are present.

  • Maintain good relations with your neighbours

Talk to your neighbours could save your life, if they are there to protect you and take care of your home during your absence.

  • Windows

Protect your windows as if you had made them!

  • Barking dog

A recording of a dog barking could make burglars rethink trying your home. They wouldn’t want to bump into one when they break in.

  • Lights, cameras and alarms

Install quality alarms, cameras, detectors. Turn your old mobile phone into a connected camera.

Alternatively, call us for more information about your postcode and your needs!

  • Valuables

Keep passports and driving licences with you or in a locked safe. They’re valuable to criminals and could be used in identity theft.

  • Make believe that you live in an impregnable fortress

Show your burglars that you’re stronger than them by placing visible deterrents all around the perimeter of your home.