Top tips to stay safe over the holidays

With the Christmas Day bank holiday just around the corner, many families will be making the most of the extra-long weekend to visit friends and family. And with millions gearing up for holiday travels, we thought we would share some top tips to keep your home safe over winter.


Top Tips – To protect your home 


Keep all doors and windows tightly shut 

It might sound obvious, but many of us frequently leave them open or unlocked, particularly when we are at home or popping out for a few minutes – giving intruders a perfect opportunity to gain entry to your home. Ensure that all accesses to your home are properly locked when you are not in. It’s also important to regularly check your doors and windows for fault and damage 


Avoid commenting on your holiday plans on social networks 

Social media is a fun way to share pictures of yourself on the beach, having dinner or seeing the sights. But other than friends and family, who else is looking? Potentially millions of Facebook, TikTok or Instagram users could know your movements. Telling everyone that you are away from your home could provide more of an incentive for burglars.


Never leave objects or documents of great value in the house

Never keep large amount of cash or valuable objects in the house. Cash is the main target for thieves, so avoid storing unnecessarily large amounts. Use a safe or security box to secure your belongings.


Always lock your doors and never hide a key near the home 

It is highly advisable that each door has two locks. Never leave a spare key anywhere near your home. This is the first-place thieves will look, and you may be making their work much easier.


Ensure that all external and internal spaces on your premises are well-lit 

A simple way of deterring thieves is to have adequate lighting both inside and outside the building. Ensure that no doors and parking areas are in the darkness at night. Motion-activated security lights can also help put criminals off and alert you if someone is lurking outside your house


Give the impression that there is someone at home 

To prevent thieves from targeting your home, make it appear occupied during prolonged absences, such as weekends away or holidays. New technology now makes it possible to program the lights and other appliances to switch on and off. It is advisable to ask a person you trust to pick up your mail on a regular basis.


Be vigilant and communicate with your neighbours 

Keep your eyes open for unfamiliar cars and people in the vicinity of your home and stay alert to any suspicious or unusual activity. Create a WhatsApp group with trusted neighbours, or speak to them regularly in person, as a way to stay vigilant  collectively during the holiday season.


Avoid leaving parcels on your doorstep 

An increase in deliveries at this time of year is normal but don’t leave them on your doorstep as this is a clear signal that no-one’s home. Arrange for a neighbour to sign for parcels if you’re out or arrange a secure hiding place for the delivery company.


Install an alarm

Many thieves are opportunists and a monitored alarm, particularly one with image recording functionality is a good deterrent – crooks with often opt for an ‘easier target’


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