Verisure UK awarded Advanced Good Work Pledge status

Verisure UK is proud to be among the organisations included in North of Tyne Combined Authority’s (NTCA) Advanced Good Work Pledge.

The NTCA Good work pledge is designed to empower employers to prove their credentials as good places to work. Stamping a seal of approval for Verisure ability to provide secure jobs with equitable development opportunities, fairness in representation, and wages ensuring a decent standard of living for all employees.

Verisure’s inclusion underlines our continuing commitment to address the challenges faced by those in the Northeast and the wellbeing of the local community.

To ensure the success of our aims the Pledge and those involved focus on five key pillars:

  • Promoting Health and Wellbeing – Providing a safe working environment, and opportunities for our people to develop healthy lifestyles, especially positive mental health.
  • Developing a Balanced Workforce– Investing in training and progression for all employees; planning for now and the future. Inclusiveness and equity are central to what we do.
  • Valuing and Rewarding our Workforce– Pay a fair wage, offer extra benefits, security and job fulfilment for our people wherever possible.
  • Effective Communication and Representation- Promoting trust and fairness by valuing and listening to employees and involving them throughout our organisation.  
  • Demonstrate social responsibility- Contribute to our area by buying locally, thinking green and supporting our people to ‘give back’ through volunteering or community action. 

On a recent visit to our flagship Centre of Excellence, North of Tyne Mayor, Jamie Driscoll and our Verisure MD, Gabino Sanchez shared their thoughts on Verisure’s commitment to growth and involvement locally.  

Over the last six months we have settled into our new home, developed the space and provided the best environment for our colleagues to grow. Our latest additions include a purpose-built canteen, coffee shop and breakout space.

While these strides in development have been exciting, we can’t wait to be part of the continued success locally.  

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