5 Reasons Your Warehouse Needs A Monitored Alarm.

Whether you’re the proud owner of a small start-up or a titan of your industry, you want to keep your warehouse assets secure. The problem is, warehouses tend to be easy targets for burglars, especially if you’re situated in a warehouse district which tends to get empty at nights and on weekends. This is only one of the dozens of reasons to get a monitored alarm.

We’ve narrowed down some other top reasons to consider outfitting your warehouse with increased security:

  1. The obvious: protecting your products

    WarehouseA monitored alarm will protect your warehouse against anyone who is not authorised to be there. With certain services, you can opt for access control fobs for key employees. This includes the ability to monitor who is coming and going.

    The right system will offer a range of options for catching an intruder, including cameras, shock sensors, and even fog canisters to hinder their movement inside. Most importantly, though, is an alarm which is directly connected to a receiving centre, with security experts monitoring your property 24/7.

  2.  Extra eyes while you’re away

    As we mentioned, warehouses tend to be located in areas which become deserted outside of regular working hours. If you leave your warehouse empty overnight or on weekends, you’re exposing it to a host of safety issues.

    A monitored security alarm will help reduce your chances of falling victim to a burglary or fire, as it is connected 24/7 to specialists at the Alarm Receiving Centre. It’s like having a guard watching all entry points of your property at all times.

  3.  Better insurance premiumsTax papers on desk

    Some insurance companies love to see businesses outfitting their premises with a monitored security alarm, and they will reward owners with much better rates. Check with your current provider to see if they offer perks for owning an alarm.

  4.  Alerts live specialists to fires

    In the same vein as reason #2, warehouses tend to be exposed to more natural hazards than average, and when combined with being left empty for longer periods of time, the chances of suffering major fire damage are significant. Installing a fire alarm is of course necessary, but have you considered making sure it’s monitored alongside your security systems? Verisure allows you to do just that.

  5.  Tax write-off

    Pile of coinsAs a business owner, you know the huge role a good tax write-off can play for your bottom line. Purchasing a monitored alarm system specifically for your warehouse can, in some cases, ultimately be much cheaper than the original package price if you report it as a business expense. Make sure to check with a qualified tax attorney to get the best savings.

These are just a few of the dozens of reasons why adding a monitored alarm system to your warehouse is not only beneficial, but in some cases a requirement for the safety of your company. To discuss the benefits further, and schedule a specialist to come assess your property, contact Verisure today.