More and more homes are being created and we want to be sure we can get out of the house, walk our dog or go running quietly without encountering danger in our own street. Most people buying homes want to find a way to protect their Neighbourhood.

In this day and age, it’s all the most important to install the best monitoring system and join a neighbourhood community. Somewhere that no matter where we live, we have someone to turn to. Whether it’s just to have a chat, borrow something or to look after something whilst we’re away. Knowing who you can trust in an emergency is as comforting as it is practical.

The goal behind such vigilance is also to engage better communication in the neighbourhood. Participating in community life, no matter how involved, creates a sense of belonging and this solidarity among neighbourhood residents helps to discourage criminals from committing mischief.

This is why joining or creating a local safety protection program can be a great way to meet locals and get to know the lay of the land. We will show you how Verisure’s products are as indispensable as joining a community.

Be safe with Verisure

A lot of people want to be more safe at home and install the best monitoring system to avoid burglars and protect valuables. Especially by the New Techniques Used By Burglars!

Verisure gives you a peace of mind for yourself and your family 24/7.

In the event of an alert, our NSI-gold certified alarm receiving centre immediately receives the snapshots taken by the photo detectors.

The operator who receives the alert can see & speak via the Voicebox and decide to call one of the emergency numbers or send a security officer.

The Verisure Home Alarm is a wireless alarm can be installed within 24 hours by one of our security installers. These can also do a free security study of your home, to determine risk areas. Detectors are therefore custom-built where you need them and communicate wirelessly via 3G on an independent line.

Of course, follow and control everything via our smartphone app!

And don’t just take our word for it. Here’s another five star review we just received from another happy customer on Trustpilot:

“Very good experience with Verisure. The security system is very good and easy to use. Can be controller remotely from a smart phone. I initially had to ask their customer service team just to run through how to operate the system. I did not to create any false alarms and the Customer Service who dealt with my call was knowledgeable on all aspects of the security system. The good thing about the system is that components such as CCTV and additional sensors can be added at a later date. Five stars to Verisure-great product and great service.”


Secure your neighbourhood with Verisure and a Neighbourhood Watch

Another Idea: A Neighbourhood Watch

Another way to keep your home safe is to start a Neighbourhood Watch scheme in your area. The Our Watch website has some fantastic tips. There is no need to have the whole neighbourhood on board, as coordinating large groups is always hard and some people may not be interested. However getting some neighbours, and maybe even some friends, in the area on board is a great start. Before you begin anything, it’s important to understand the effort involved in maintaining a scheme!

Your Neighbourhood Watch improves your community safety according to fires, crime prevention, and by improving security and increasing vigilance.
It will also be a good way to assist the police in detecting crime by promoting effective communication.
In addition, it could promote a sense of spirit and community security, among the more vulnerable members of the community.