Josh Warwick

Working for a Top Employer

Hey, I’m Josh.

I work for Verisure in the North East at the Centre of Excellence based in the Omni team. My official title is Customer Service Team Leader, Senior Specialist in the Customer Service OMNI Channel.

I much prefer Omni Channel Manager.

I started at Verisure just under 6 months ago, I love it here. I supervise a team of 15 specialists focussed on responding and monitoring web chats, emails and various social media platforms.

A large part of my day is spent supporting my team, making sure they have every tool at their disposal. I want them to leave everyday feeling supported.

Honestly, any customer service roles involve an element of negativity.

You know it is unavoidable. My team are fantastic, so resilient, our culture get’s us through, everyone is so friendly. I have my colleague Alex Emmerson to rely on too, we work very closely managing the whole function. Always keeping each other positive.

The greatest part of job… all the customers experience we improve.

One of the highest performers in my team works on the Trust Pilot platform the amount of 1 star review he’s turned into 5’s simply by speaking to the customer and getting to the root cause of their displeasure is a huge boost.

More information on roles in Customer Services and careers at Verisure UK can be found below.