Take Control of Your Home Security with MyVerisure Burglar Alarm App

Verisure is a security alarm system that incorporates the most advanced technology in the world. The entire family can manage the alarm because it’s so easy, convenient, intuitive and does not require memorising passwords. In addition, the app My Verisure allows you to use your alarm from anywhere.

My Verisure is a free app downloadable for mobiles and tablets. It is available in the App Store, Google Play and Windows Store. Once installed it allows customers to manage their alarm from anywhere in the world. Here are some of the features within the app:

  • Notifications: any adjustments (disconnection, reconnection, activation, etc) are saved in notifications. Thanks to My Verisure, you can see what has happened, wherever you are.
  • A Verisure alarm system includes different sensor types, such as motion detectors. These incorporate cameras which can be accessed by the app My Verisure. Providing you with the ability to see images from any of your camera sensors. Furthermore, if you have installed surveillance cameras with your alarm system, you will see live images on the screen of your mobile or tablet and can capture videos. In addition, you can set your camera to begin recording when it detects movement or sound in the room. Videos are stored in the cloud safely and are available for consult anytime.
  • All your alarms by Verisure can be managed with a single user and with one app: My Verisure.
  • Thanks to our control panel two-way module, you can call from My Verisure to learn what is happening in your home or business and communicate with our specialist team.
  • It is possible to activate the alarm to any mode (total or partial) or disconnect with the My Verisure app.
  • You can assign a smart key or a remote control for each authorised user and check all My Verisure history entries and logouts. You can also block access to any users.
  • For any questions or queries, we are always available to you with our online chat. Contact Customer Service within our app My Verisure.