Questions to ask your home security expert

If you are searching for a security alarm, then a simple online search will pull up hundreds of intruder alarm companies who are all vying for your attention. So, how do you judge which security alarm is the right one for you? Word of mouth recommendations, online reviews? Whatever your purchasing criteria, a good place to start is by questioning a security alarm supplier, so that you can fully understand the system features and how they will benefit you directly.

How does your house alarm system prevent burglaries?

No house alarm system can claim to keep thieves from attempting to force entry into your property, but fitting a complete house alarm system will act as a strong deterrent, and enable you to catch any thief that attempts to break-in. Your safety is a fundamental element of any complete house alarm system, and there should be numerous triggers that activate the alarm and capture evidence of a break-in, should it occur. Key alarm components to look out for include motion detectors, surveillance cameras and door alarms.

What makes your home alarm system better that the others on the market?

Any complete house alarm system needs to be continually monitored by an alarm response centre to allow action to be taken as quickly as possible, if your alarm is activated. Any company selling a complete alarm system should have security specialists on-hand around the clock, who are able to react as soon as they receive an alarm signal. This gives you complete peace of mind that your property is being watched, whether you are at home or away.

How is your house alarm system installed?

Wired alarms are limited in terms of where alarm detectors can be placed. Look for a wireless house alarm system that won’t involve rewiring or installation work. A wireless alarm system will allow your detectors to be placed in the optimum positions, pointing directly at windows or doors. Wireless detectors can be easily replaced if required.

How does your house alarm system protect property perimeters?

Alerting you to the first sign of a burglary is the predominant job of a complete house alarm system. Outdoor and indoor motion sensors should be included in any complete house alarm system, so that you have every area of your grounds covered.

Can I control my alarm remotely?

What good is any modern alarm system if you can’t access information or exert control remotely. Look for an alarm system with an application that gives you mobile phone management capability, so you know the status of your alarm immediately, should it be activated.

How much does your complete house alarm system cost?

The security needs of your property will naturally differ from those of your neighbour. An alarm pricing structure is a good indicator as to whether you are buying a bespoke security solution, or an off-the-shelf product. Ask for your property to be surveyed by a security expert before your alarm quote is issued, so you get more of an idea of your exact security requirements.

Will your alarm work if I don’t have a landline?

To ensure continued secure communication, choose an alarm with a GSM transmitter so that your connection is never compromised.

Will your alarm system still protect me if I’m at home?

A multi-mode security alarm can be set to a certain level so that it is just as effective at protecting you when you are inside the property.

Who is responsible for installing my alarm?

Any alarm installation should be carried out by a team of security experts. Working together they should be able to install your system, run through the functionality with you and carry out a test before leaving.

Do you offer an after sales service if I have trouble with my alarm?

The last thing you want to do is purchase an alarm system and find out that you are on your own if a problem should occur. Question your home security expert on the after sales service provided by their company, and find out if you will incur extra charges if something was to go wrong with your alarm system.