The secret burglar tricks you need to know

Secret burglar tricksImage via Chris Greevebiester

Burglaries and break-ins seem simple enough to prevent – keep your doors and windows locked and maybe get an alarm system, right? Well as it turns out more thought is going into burglaries and there’s a level of sophistication that you will likely find surprising.

This article is the first step is to learn about their tricks and overcome any misconceptions.

They use a secret code

A hidden code used by thieves could be outside your property right now! These secret messages are left directly on or around your property to provide thieves a variety of useful information. See this diagram by Lanarkshire Police revealing the secret symbols:

Secret burglars code

So it’s probably worth having a look around your property to ensure there are no useful marks around advertising your home and belongings as a potential target. While you are doing this it is also useful to think about how you would break into your own home if you had to. Where are the weak points and what can you do to improve your security?

If nothing obvious immediately comes to mind there is a range of useful advice throughout the Verisure blog and on police websites. Another opinion is always valuable!

They’re not how you picture them

hamburglarImage via Incase

Surprisingly, real thieves don’t go about their business actually dressed as the hamburglar.

Perhaps a bit more surprising is the fact that burglaries are more likely to take place during the day.

They mostly occur between 10am and 3pm, as this is the most likely time for your home to be unoccupied.

As for what burglars actually wear? When caught in the act they tend to be wearing normal clothing, allowing them to try and claim innocence or attempt to blend in if they have to flee the scene. Plus, those black and white striped burglar outfits don’t come cheap!

You probably know them

Now, this is a scary one.

A high number of burglaries are carried out by someone who knows the victims or lives nearby. Knowing or frequently seeing the occupants home allows them to estimate the potential value of your belongings, estimate when you are in or out and to choose an entry point as opposed to choosing a house at random.

They’re often repeat offenders

It’s also not uncommon for thieves to target the same house more than once. Often criminals are aware that your home insurance will cover the losses and your home will be ripe for stealing from again.

They look for houses that have a ‘light left on’

Leaving a light on to make it look like someone’s at home actually shows experienced thieves that you are in fact out as it is very uncommon for us not to turn our lights on and off. So instead set up your lights to switch on and off via a timer. A radio can also be added to this to make it even more convincing. If away for long periods, ensure curtains are opened and closed by a trusted individual.

Read more tips on how to keep your property safe while you are away.

How to avoid these tricks

So what can you do to combat these burglar’s pesky tricks?

A good lock is good, a good lock on a good door is better.

Frequently homeowners will invest in an expensive lock but neglect to upgrade the door itself. If burglars know you are out of the house they will have no problem forcing the door open with a crowbar or by simply kicking. Ensure both your doors and locks are up to the job.

Get a burglar alarm

An alarm in itself is a great deterrent that puts off the majority of thieves. A useful feature is a sticker/poster for your window to highlight the security measure and to make potential thieves think twice about trying to enter.

Get motion activated lights

Not only are these convenient for whenever you arrive home at night time but they often make burglars think twice as the chances of them being seen by occupants or neighbours increase greatly.

Take extra precautions when you’re away

When you are going to be away from home for some time, on holiday for example. Ensure a trusted neighbour or family member is made aware so they can check on your property every so often. Ensure that any mail subscriptions are paused or picked up by someone you trust, same goes for milk delivery. Uncollected mail or milk is an advertisement that no one is home. A useful tip if you have a trusted neighbour is have them park their car in your driveway.

You must scure your garage and shed

This one may seem more obvious but keep any tools/ladders etc secure and out of reach of unwanted individuals. Providing would be thieves a means of entry to your home or useful tools is never a good idea.

The above tips are useful but for real peace of mind you should consider updating your security with a Verisure smart alarm system. Whether that be CCTV, motion sensor alarms, control panels. Explore the site and find the perfect security measure to keep you and your loved ones safe.