UK Crime Rates Soar: How Safe Is Your Property?

Why 2017 gives you the biggest reason to secure your property

The release of the latest Government UK crime rate statistics last week from the ONS paint an alarming picture for UK home and business owners. With a 10% raise in police-recorded crime to almost 5million offences, increases in burglary suggests that the long term fall in more frequent offences may be coming to an end.

In the same week the BBC England’s data unit released a detailed report which highlighted the fact that more than two thirds of police investigations into thefts and burglaries have been closed between 2012 and 2016, with no suspect ever being identified. There are only 14 arrest for every 100 burglaries in the UK and police chiefs have repeatedly blamed lack of resources and underfunding for their decision to de-prioritise burglaries to tackle the increase of more serious crime.

The soar in UK crime rates comes at a time when Home Office statistics demonstrate a decrease of nearly 1000 UK police offices in the past year alone, bringing the total number of police officers in England and Wales to only 123,142 – the fewest officers since 1985. Since 2010, police numbers have fallen by a shocking 20,592.

The changing face of crime 

There is no denying that the crimes we are at risk from today have evolved significantly from those faced a decade ago. Today’s burglars use highly sophisticated methods to get what they want, and they have more insight into our lives than ever before thanks to the way burglars use social media. The safety and security of our families and communities is at increased risk, but what can you to protect yourself, your family, your home and your business?

Time to take matters into your own hands?

The simplest (and most sensible) approach to deter burglars is to diminish any signs that you home or business is a desirable target. To achieve this, you need to limit the burglars’ certainty that they will receive a substantial reward for gaining entry and increase the risk they face when they gain access into the building.

Keep valuables out of sight, and ensure that post doesn’t collect on the doormat if you are planning a holiday- instead arrange for a neighbor or friend to call in and move it. Calendars in view of the window can confirm a burglars’ suspicions and posting your plans on social media is just as helpful. Addressing these points will ensure you cover the basics, but ticking these boxes alone won’t provide you with peace of mind or a reliable detector and deterrent especially during long periods of absence.

As crime has evolved through the years, so have Verisure burglar alarm systems which can actually prevent a burglary from happening in just 45 seconds and provide police with enough evidence to get a conviction. The obvious presence of a burglar alarm system outside your premises actively discourage burglars from approaching the building for fear of triggering an alert and being caught on camera.

If an intruder does break in, a high-tech synchronised trigger chain then sets to work to at the point of entry detection to activate and high powered alarm siren, alert a dedicated alarm response team, photographic detectors and secret listening device – which all play a key part in preventing the financial and emotional damage a burglary can cause.

Used in tandem with the Verisure App, you can take full control of your security wherever you are in the world, but activating or deactivating the intruder alarm based on the round the clock visibility of who is on or in your premises.

Don’t take a chance on your property

At Verisure, we have over 25 years’ experience in home and business security. This means that we can look at your property through the eyes of a burglar and see what they see. If you would like to take a closer look at the crime stats in your area, then you can view these on the Verisure UK crime statistics map.

If you are looking for the reassurance that you have done all your can to deter an opportunistic burglar, then book your Free Home Security Review today and let our experts help you protect what is important.