No matter if you have a dog, cat or goat – all deserve to be protected like any other member of the family. Is your pet vulnerable during a break in? It’s time to spare a thought about pet-friendly home security.

Our pets sleep with us, eat with us and love us unconditionally but most importantly – they rely on us. Our pets rely on us every day to keep them healthy, happy and safe.

Will a Burglar hurt my Pet?

Your animal is at risk just as much as you are. Home invaders will not always tolerate this obstacle. Whether it’s your valiant dog, humble hamster or curious cat, how would you feel if you failed to protect them? Nobody wants to lose their best friend.

You may believe your pet can win any battle but they can’t when there’s weapons involved. You don’t know what thieves are carrying. In addition, in most cases, it’s neighbours/close-by residents who break in to your home. These people may know your schedule and habits, making it easier for them to break in. The safer option for everyone is pet-friendly home security.

Pet Theft

Not only can a burglar harm your animal, they’re not above pinching a puppy around the festive season. Consequently, animal theft rises in the month of December every year within the UK. Breeding, fighting and profit are only a few of the reasons domestic pets are stolen. Dog theft in particular has risen in the UK by a whopping 20% in the last 4 years… it’s time we step in.

Knowing how pet thieves work will keep you one step ahead. Here’s a list of tips to prevent pet theft:

  • Don’t assume your garden is safe, always keep an eye on your dog and ensure your garden is thoroughly secure.
  • Don’t leave your pet in a car unattended, not only can they be easily stolen but they can also suffer from heatstroke.
  • If you can avoid it, do not tie your dog up in front of shops/restaurants, leaving them here alone makes them very vulnerable to thieves.
  • Parks can get very busy, don’t let your dog out of your sight for long, if not at all whilst out for walkies.

Pet-Friendly Home Security

photo friendly alarm in action
Our Pet-Friendly PIR Motion Sensor in action

Stop taking chances and start using effective measures to keep your WHOLE family safe. What you need is pet-friendly home security and you’re in luck! We don’t charge extra for animal safety, our pet friendly photo detector matches the price of our original design. In addition to this, if you own the original design and have recently acquired an animal, we will upgrade you to our pet friendly photo detector free of charge!

No more False Alarms with your Pet-Friendly System

Having a pet friendly camera limits the amount of false alarms in your property. Our highly intelligent cameras have a lower sensitivity and a built in understanding of animal height and weight.

An ordinary security alarm can be complicated with pets, however it doesn’t have to be. We’d rather you didn’t have to choose between safety and your pet. We’re here to give you both! You don’t need to do anything, just set the alarm whether your at home or out. Easy and hassle-free.